NCASB Swimming Rules

Coaches are assumed to have the current National Federation of High Schools Rulebook. The NCASB Swimming Rules are in addition to, or, exceptions to those rules (revised 2009) [revised 2016].

Rule 1 Pool, Land, and Equipment Specifications
NF Rule 2 Pool, Land, and Equipment Specifications.
Section 1 NF Section 7 Equipment for Swimming Events

Article 1. The backstroke flags shall be 1 meter above the water. It is also recommended that a shredded skirt be used instead of backstroke flags. NF Article 5

Rule 2 Entries – NF Rule 3 Team Personnel
Section 1 ENTRIES BY TEAMS NF Section 1 Entries by Teams

Article 1. In the NCASB championship meet, each team shall be permitted a maximum of 4 entries in an individual event and 1 team per each relay event. Each team is permitted 10 swimmers who may earn points. NF Article 1 (same as NC except last sentence)

Article 2. In a meet involving 5 or more teams and having qualifications and finals, a maximum of 4 swimmers per individual event and 1 team relay may be permitted. Specific information shall be provided by the meet director 3 NF Article 2

Meet Management. When hosting a championship meet the host school may select from one of the following three options listed in order of preference.
A) All events will have preliminaries and finals with the exception of the 500 meter/yard freestyle which will be run as a timed final,
B) in events with preliminaries and finals, events of 200 meters/yards and greater may be swum as timed finals, and
C) all events may be swum as timed finals.
The host school must notify all participating schools of their option prior to the entry deadline.

Article 3. In other meets, each team shall be permitted a maximum of: (a) 2 entries per individual event; (b) or by prior mutual consent, 3 entries per individual event in a pool with 6 lanes or 4 entries per individual event in a pool with 8 lanes or more. Each team shall be permitted 1 relay event. NF Article 2
[PC In other meets, the host club will determine maximum entries per team considering pool size and time constraints] 

Article 4. No exhibition swimmers are permitted in the championship meet. Exhibition swimmers may be permitted in other meets at the discretion of host school and shall not displace any swimmer who is swimming for points. Exhibition swimmers must be designated as such on the official entry. NF No Equivalent

Section 2 ENTRIES BY INDIVIDUALS NF Section Entries by Individuals

Article 1. A competitor shall be permitted to enter a maximum of 3 individual events and 2 relays ( or 2 individual events and 3 relays). A competitor may only swim in one of  the 200 length relays (Girls 200 Free Relay, Boys 200 Free Relay or the Co-ed 200 Free Relay) NF Article 1

Article 2. In the championship meet and those meets having qualifications and finals, a competitor officially becomes a participant in an individual event or relay event when the official entry form and time card bearing the name of the event, swimmers first and last name, school name, and submitted time or no time NT) if none exists, are delivered to the meet manager within the designated time and place, after which time there shall be no additions or changes except scratches.  A competitor for the host school officially becomes a participant when a copy of the host school’s official entry form is received by the eligibility commissioner [Sports Director] of the NCASB Swim Committee.  In the event that the eligibility commissioner [Sports Director] is with the host school, another school must be designated to receive a copy of the entries of the host school.  All entries, including those of the host school, [received, or,] postmarked after the official deadline shall be [considered late entries and will not be eligible for team points. seeded separately] seeded separately. NF Article 2

Rule 3 Officials and their duties – NF Rule 4 Officials and Their Duties
Section 1 AUTHORIZED OFFICIALS NF Section 1 Authorized Officials

Article 1. The head official/referee shall be certified by [by NF or, may be certified by] a certifying organizations; USS, NCAA, etc. Officials may be utilized in several capacities, i.e., the head official may also serve as a meet referee/starter, and stroke inspectors may also serve as turn judges, and timers may also serve as take-off judges. All officials should know NF rules, and in addition, be familiar with NCASB. NF Article 2

Article 2. It is required that at least one certified official administer meets. NF Article 2

Rule 4 Meet Management – NF Rule 5 Meet Management
Section 1 ORDER AND LENGTH OF EVENTS NF Section 1 Order and Length of Events

Article 1. The 500 yard freestyle may be swum at some time preceding the general meet NF Article 1 Note a & b

Article 2. In meets with preliminaries and finals, events of 200 yards and greater may be swum as timed finals, at the discretion of the host school. The host school must notify participating schools prior to entry deadline. NF Article 1 Note a & b

Rule 5 Swimming Events – NF Rule 5 Swimming Events
Section 1 Section 1 Starts and Finishes

Article 1. In events which require a forward start, it is permissible for a swimmer to start in the water. The meet referee must be notified immediately prior to the event. Failure to notify the meet referee shall constitute a false start. NF Article 1

Rule 6 Section 1

Article 1. A Swimmer who swims in the wrong lane will not be disqualified if he does not interfere with any other swimmers and if he starts and finishes the race in the correct lane.

Rule 7 Eligibiity – NC rule only
Section 1

Article 1. All varsity competitors (those swimming for meet points) must meet the eligibility requirements as specified in the NCASB constitution.

Rule 8 Varsity Rules
Section 1 NC rule only

Article 1. NCASB records may be established in both 25 year and 25 meter pools.

Article 2. Semi-automatic or automatic timing devices recommended for meets in which record attempts are to be made. If stopwatches are to be used, a minimum of 2 timers per lane shall be required (3 timers per lane are recommended). NF Rule 6 Timing and Judging

Article 3. The swimming director shall receive and compile swimming records each season. Copies of these records shall be made available through the NCASB website to all NCASB swimming coaches. It is recommended these records be made available (a) at the beginning of each season, and (b) prior to the conference meet. NF rule only.

Article 4. All applications for records shall be made on the official NCASB record form, which shall be signed by the meet official and 2 coaches and mailed [or, emailed] to the swimming director for approval. All applications for records shall be postmarked no later than 7 days following the conference meet. NC rule only.

Rule 9 Junior Varsity – NC rule only
Section 1

Article 1. Those swimmers who are 13 years of age or younger, or any 6th grade or below may compete in special junior varsity (age group) races.

Article 2. Competition for junior varsity (age group) swimmers may be held in conjunction with varsity meets at the discretion of the host school

Article 3. Depending on the number of junior varsity competitors involved, there may be one or two divisions. (a) 13 and under, (b) 9 and under, (swimmers may swim [at or above, their current age group. up an age group but not down] up an age group but not down).

Article 4. The following events shall be designated as age group events:

9 and under 13 and under
25 Freestyle 50 Freestyle
25 backstroke 50 backstroke
25 breaststroke 50 breaststroke
25 butterfly 25 butterfly
50 freestyle 100 freestyle
100 individual medley 100 individual medley
100 freestyle 200 freestyle relay
100 medley relay 100 medley relay

Article 5. The events and their order shall be the decision of the host school.

Article 6. All stroke rules shall be adhered to as specified in National Federation rules.

Article 7. No points shall be awarded to age group swimmers, however, ribbons, or other forms of participation awards, are recommended.

Article 8. Age group swimming shall not be included in the NCASB Conference meet.

Article 9. NCASB age group records may be established in 25 yard and 25 meter pools. The same procedure shall be followed in making applications for records as with varsity records.

Rule 10 Sanctioning of Competition in sports approved by USABA – NC only
In order to have a meet sanctioned by the United States Association for Blind Athletes, the following USABA guidelines must be followed:


Article 1. Performance of USABA members in competition hosted by other recognized sports organizations, in those sports approved by the USABA is both recognized and encouraged.


Article 1. All events competed in strict accordance with the most current rules of each of the following organizations: NCAA, USS, NAIA, USTFF, AIAW, USGF, FIS. This is done in support of USABA’s firm commitment to encourage the visually impaired to compete with their sighted peers.


Article 1. Other competition may be sanctioned upon individual request according to official USABA rules for that sport.


Article 1. Specific requests for sanctioning shall be received on the approved USABA Sanctioning Request Form by the Chairperson of the SDC at least 3 weeks prior to conducting the competition.