Illinois School for the Visually Impaired

The Illinois School for the Visually Impaired celebrated their 175th Birthday in January 2020.

The Illinois School for the Visually Impaired is a school established by the Illinois Legislature in 1849 to provide specialized and intense services which focus on the unique learning needs of students with visual impairments, including additional disabilities.  ISVI recognizes and addresses the unique educational needs and interests of each student.  Every student receives instruction and guidance from staff who are sensitive to the needs of visually impaired students.

ISVI stands ready to assist local schools and parents whenever students need the services and resources of this school. ISVI provides a broad range of instruction and services on its campus.   Students can learn with specially trained teachers and other staff who understand vision loss and its effects on development.

Educators who are certified in visual impairments and/or subject area:

  • Orientation and Mobility specialists
  • Occupational and Physical therapists
  • Adaptive Physical Education educators
  • Speech/Language specialist
  • Psychologist and Social Workers who provide counseling
  • Low Vision specialists
  • Technology specialists

Students have access to the Health Center 24 hours a day, staffed by licensed nurses 7 days a week.   ISVI Students will experience a school day which integrates language development, motor skills, independent living and self-help skills, behavior management and social development into all aspects of learning.

We are also proud to be the Host site for The Illinois Braille Challenge.    The Braille Challenge is an annual two-stage Braille literacy competition designed to motivate blind students to emphasize their study of Braille. The program parallels with the importance and educational purpose of a spelling bee for sighted children.

ISVI currently has 8 sports in which students 14 yrs and older are able to participate in.  Track, Goalball, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Bowling, *Gaming, Forensics, and Swimming.  We also compete with the public schools in both Wrestling and Swimming.

*Gaming – we will be trying gaming out to gauge interest and feasibility.    If it’s successful, we’ll add it to our Athletic Program.

ISVI provides blind and partially seeing students a comprehensive educational program commensurate with the individual needs and abilities.  The school offers education, counseling, prevocational and vocational training, independent living skill training and an extensive range of extracurricular activities.  The programs at ISVI are flexible enough to provide for the diverse needs of visually impaired students, including those with special needs.

Contact Information

658 East State Street
Jacksonville, Illinois 62650
Phone: 217-479-4401  Fax: 217-479-4479

Title Name Phone Email
Superintendent Aimee Veith Ext. 4401
Asst. Superintendent Barbi Ballard Ext. 4402
Educational Principal

Vocational Principal

Jasmine Wells

Heather Staats

Ext. 4436

Ext. 4447

Athletic Director Ken Mansell Ext. 4411
Boys Track Coach Jake Petri Ext. 4456
Girls Track Coach Barb French  Ext. 4436
Wrestling Coach Ken Mansell Ext. 4411
Boys Bowling Coach Jake Petri Ext. 4456
Girls Bowling Coach Barbara French Ext. 4456
Cheerleading Coach Tonia Holloway Ext. 4436
Boys Swim Coach Michael Foster Ext. 4472
Girls Swim Coach Rachael Richardson Ext. 4846
Forensics Coach Catherine Courtney Ext. 4436
Boys Goal Ball Coach Michael Foster Ext. 4472
Girls Goal Ball Coach Nathan Lawson Ext. 4436
Mascot Warrior
School Colors Maroon & Gold