NCASB Goalball

Brief Description of GoalBall

Goalball is a team sport played exclusively by the visually impaired. The object of the game is to roll a ball which contains bells past the opposing team. There are two teams of 3 players which alternate rolling and defending. The offensive team rolls the ball in a manner that is either hard or soft, depending upon player style, in an attempt to get the ball past the opposing three players. The defensive team listens for the approach of the ball and attempts to prevent or block the ball from crossing the goal line. The ball is rolled back and forth with the offensive and defensive team alternating until time expires for the half. The game is played in two five or seven minute periods and the team with the most points wins. There are women’s and men’s teams with no variations in equipment or rules.

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For a list of the 2008 NCASB Goalball rule modifications please follow:
NCASB Goalball Rule Modifications (HTML Format)

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NCASB Goalball Rule Modifications

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2010-2013 IBSA Rulebook (**Does not contain NCASB Modifications)

For a copy of the Manual of Information for Technical Officials please download the following document.
2009 ITO Manual

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