NCASB Wrestling Rules

The NCASB conference follows the National Federation rule book with the following exceptions:

For the 95 lb. weight class a wrestler must:

  1. Meet all NCASB eligibility guidelines.
  2. A wrestler must weigh a minimum of 79 lbs. To wrestle in the 95 lb. weight class.
  3. A 95 lb. wrestler must make scratch weight one time during the current season to receive the two-pound growth allowance at conference.
  4. All three person brackets will automatically have round robin wrestling at the NCASB conference meet.

NCASB Weigh-Ins: All wrestlers will weigh-in wearing their wrestling uniform at the designated time. An allowance of .7 of a pound will be allowed for uniform.

NCASB Wrestling Certification and Eligibility: All schools must submit their wrestling certification/eligibility form to the Wrestling Director by December 15th.  This form will serve as both weight certification and eligibility for wrestling. Forms may be updated up to Wednesday before NCASB Conference meet.

Wrestling Certification: Coaches must submit scratch weight of each wrestle to Wrestling Director on the certification and eligibility sheet due December 15th.

Wrestlers must make scratch weight at least once during regular season to be allowed the 2 pound growth allowance in January.

The maximum amount of weight a wrestle can lose in a week, after scratch weight, has been submitted, will be 1.5% of their body weight.

Note: The first place team trophy will be named The “Deke” Edwards Championship Trophy. A biography will be read preceding the presentation of this trophy reflecting Deke’s contribution to NCASB wrestling.