Tennessee School for the Blind

Tennessee School for the Blind was first conceived in the mind of James Champlin. Champlin, blind from birth, was inspired by visiting S. G. Howe and his Boston Asylum for the Blind. In 1843 Champlin launched a small private school for the blind in Nashville with the help of a group of ladies from the First Presbyterian Church. So successful was his program that on January 29, 1844, the Tennessee Legislature voted to underwrite the establishment of a “state” school for the blind.

In 1853, a permanent facility was built on Lebanon Rd. at Asylum St. in Nashville. In 1861, the property was appropriated for a military hospital during the Civil War. Victorious Federal troops later destroyed it by fire. Following the devastating war, the school struggled to survive until philanthropist Judge John M. Lea purchased the Claiborne Mansion on Fillmore St. (108 Hermitage Ave.), and donated it to the state for the school. The institution flourished at this location for some 80 years.

In 1949 the state bought the Clover Bottom Farm, and set apart one hundred acres for the campus. In 1952, TSB entered new facilities built on this famous plantation in Donelson, a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee. A major renovation of the school was completed in 1993, prior to TSB’s Sesquicentennial celebration. The school continues at this location to the present, serving students through our campus and outreach programs.

Contact Information

115 Stewarts Ferry Pike Nashville, Tennessee 37214
Phone: 615-231-7300 Fax:615-871-9312
Website: http://www.tsbtigers.org/

Title Name Phone Email
Superintendent Nathan Travis 615-231-7316 nathan.travis@tsbtigers.org
Principal Kathy Segers 615-231-7397 kathy.segers@tsbtigers.org
Athletic Director Andy Joiner 615-231-7320 andy.joiner@tsbtigers.org
Boys Track Coach Andy Joiner
Joe Gray
615-231-7320 andy.joiner@tsbtigers.org
Girls Track Coach Christina von Reyn 615-231-7320 christina.vonreyn@tsbtigers.org
Head Wrestling Coach Jerry Humphreys 615-231-7300 jerry.humphreys@tsbtigers.org
Assistant Wrestling Coach Ann Frensley 615-231-7300 ann.frensley@tsbtigers.org
Head Cheerleading Coach Teresa Buntin 615-231-7300 teresa.buntin@tsbtigers.org
Asst. Cheerleading Coach Patrick Hector 615-231-7300 patrick.hector@tsbtigers.org
Head Swim Coach Kari Harold 615-231-7300 kari.harold@tsbtigers.org
Assistant Swim Coach Andy Joiner 615-231-7300 andy.joiner@tsbtigers.org
Forensics Coach Hilary Murtagh 615-231-7300 hilary.murtagh@tsbtigers.org
Asst. Forensics Coach
Head Goalball Coach Patrick Hector 615-231-7300 patrick.hector@tsbtigers.org
Asst. Goalball Coach Alicia Blevins 615-231-7300 Alicia.blevins@tsbtigers.org
Mascot Tiger
School Colors Royal Blue & Light Gold