Sonka Award

Sonka Award winners for 2018:

  • Girls – Grace Johanns Iowa
  • Boys – Jacob Hack Kentucky

Each school may nominate 1 boy and 1 girl, who are within their last two years of eligibility and display acceptable educational performance.  Use the following criteria when evaluating swimmers for nominating/voting:

*Swimming ability-need to place respectably, but not necessarily first
*Support of own team
*Display sportsmanship (including positive attitude)
*Respectful of others
*Accepts constructive criticism and handles failure

Nominations are to be received by NCASB swim director (Jim Peterfish-OH) by the designated date (10 days prior to NCASB Swim Conference)l.  Nominations sent after this date will not be accepted.   Name of the swimmer, his/her school and a short paragraph (with a photo) should be submitted.

A list of nominees will then be sent via e-mail to each school to be received by the Wednesday before the conference meet.

During the conference meet, coaches will evaluate nominees.  Each school will have 1 vote for a girl and 1 vote for a boy.  Votes are to be turned in immediately following the conclusion of the 400 relays.    Each winner will receive a plaque.  The winner’s school will engrave the winner’s name, if desired.  There will be traveling plaques to be housed at the Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped.  The Wisconsin school will be responsible for keeping the plaque updated (The NCASB will pay for the engraving).

You may e-mail Jim at to submit your nominations.


To view a list of past winners download the document below.
Sonka Award Winners (updated 2012)